How to Apply

Fill out an application.  You can print a copy from the City’s website Application for Reimbursement for the Installation of Water Control Devices, or you can request a paper copy of the application in person at City Hall.  Please be sure to include all the necessary documents.  If you have any questions on what documentation to provide, email the Law Department or call 330-668-9503.  Once finished, submit the application and accompanying documents to Fairlawn City Hall. 

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1. How to Apply
2. What items need to be included with the application?
3. What is the maximum reimbursement amount I can receive?
4. Can I apply for reimbursement more than once?
5. How long does it take to receive reimbursement?
6. When will my application be reviewed by the Board?
7. Why do I need to include an itemized invoice with my application?